Vapecode Brushed Stainless Steel

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Vapecode is our new very smart looking e-cigarette, perfect for people who want a smart but quite small electronic cigarette. Our Vapecode kits come in four beautiful colours, Gun Metal Black, Brushed Silver, Brushed Gold and The Gold Edition.

These kits are so simple to use and set up, once you receive your kit, simply unscrew the reusable clearomizer and check the coil is finger tight then, fill your clearomizer from the bottom, simply turn your tank upside down slightly tilt it and carefully pour your chosen e-liquid into the clearomizer being careful not to get any liquid down the small hole in the middle of the inside of the tank. Screw your battery back onto the clearomizer, we do recommend that you leave it for around ten minutes so the wick can soak up the e-liquid.

To change the coil unscrew your clearomizer and unscrew the coil that is attached to the battery then simply screw your new coil back in. You will know when the coil needs changing as you will have a burnt like taste or the e-cigarette may stop vaping altogether.

Your battery comes with a built in overcharge chip for extra safety, making it the safest on the market. This battery comes with around 30% charge we recommend that you use this charge before you recharge it. To charge simply plug your charger into the side of the battery and plug the USB end into your chosen power source. We strongly recommend that you don’t use any smartphone or Iphone chargers to charge your battery; you can use a laptop, TV, PC, games console or any wall charger that is no more than 500mAh. Please only use the charger that is provided with this kit to charge your battery, with the battery having an overcharge chip a mix and match of chargers can lead to an unsafe combination.


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