New Vapecode


Our NEW stunning electronic cigarette kits VapeCode is a very smart looking kit. With a choice of three colours of Black, Silver or Gold.

These new beautiful kits are ideal for anyone who is looking for a smart quite small kit also ideal for a present to a loved one as it comes in a well presented box with a USB charger and spare coils.

Vapecode comes with a battery, clearomizer, USB charger and spare coils. Very simple to use and set up.

The battery comes with around 30% charge so to get a better longer lasting life out of your battery we do recommend that you use this charge first before you re charge it. You will know when the battery is about to go as it has a traffic light system, when your battery is fully charged the button you press will be green, when it is getting ready for a charge it will turn amber, once it goes red you know you will have are half an hour charge left in the battery. This battery also comes with an overcharge chip making it one of the safest on the market.

The clearomizer that comes with this kit is reusable, meaning that all you have to do once the wick has burnt out is change the coil. You will know when the coil needs changing as you will get a burnt taste or it will simply stop vaping. To change the coil turn your e-cigarette upside down, unscrew the battery from the clearomizer, on the top of the battery you will see the coil sticking out, simply unscrew the coil and replace by screwing the new coil back in. please make sure that when you screw the coil in it is finger tight to prevent leakage.

 To fill the clearomizer turn the e-cigarette upside down, unscrew the battery from the clearomizer, gently pure your chosen e-liquid into the clearomizer avoiding the small hold in the middle of the inside, screw your battery with the coil attached back onto your top and you’re ready to go. We do recommend that once you have filled your clearomizer and put it all back together that you leave it for around ten minutes so that the wick in the coil can soak up the liquid.

To charge, for the first charge once you have ran the battery down you will need to charge it for around three to four hours. Simply plug the small end of the USB charger into the side of your battery and plug the large USB end into a PC, laptop, games console or a wall plug 500mAh or under. We strongly recommend that you do not use an iphone or smart phone charge to charge your battery and these overcharge it.

Please only use the charger supplied with the battery as a mix and match of chargers and batteries can lead to an unsafe combination.