New tempest kits and packaging

Our new tempest kits have new packaging; its small black pocket size box is very smart to show off the quality of our kits.

Our kits come with our 650mAh battery or our 900mAh battery, CE4 clearomizer and USB pass-through charger. Our Tempest 650 kits come in a range of different coloured batteries, so you have a choice of Black, Silver, Purple or Pink. The 900 Tempest kits come in a choice of Black or Silver batteries.

All our kits look smart and are easy to set up and use. The batteries come with an over charge chip built in making it one of the safest on the market. With all the batteries in these kits a slandered 510 fitting you can easily change your clearomizer and jazz it us to your own personal taste.

To set up your Tempest kit simply remove from the packaging, screw on your CE4 clearomizer and fill with your chosen e-liquid. To fill your CE4 unscrew the mouth piece carefully pure in your e-liquid, avoiding the small hole in the middle of the inside of the clearomizer, pop your mouth piece back on and you’re ready. We do recommend that you leave the liquid to sock into the wicks inside your clearomizer for around ten minutes. To work your battery and to start vaping keep your finger on the button as you inhale and take your finger off once you have finished inhaling. You can turn the battery on standby by quickly pressing the button five times until it flashes and to turn it back on again just press the button five times until it flashes.

All the batteries come with around 30% charge we recommend that you use this charge before your put it on for its first charge. To charge the battery unscrew the clearomizer, whip the top of the battery were the threads are with tissue or cotton wool screw on the USB pass through charger and plug in to a PC, laptop, games console or a wall plug 500mAh or under. We strongly recommend that you do not use any iphone or smartphone charges as this will over charge your battery.

Once you have ran down the charge in your battery the first charge will need three to four hours reboot charge. Please don’t leave it on for any longer the four hours for the first charge. This reboots your battery. For all charges after that it will take one to one and a half hours to charge your battery, do not leave it on charge for any longer than one and a half hours. To get a best life out of your battery always run your battery down until it has no charge before you charge it back up.

Please only use the charger that is supplied with the battery, as mix and matching charges can cause an unsafe combination.